In a laboratory study, the safety of Clevor was tested at up to 5 times the labeled dose. In addition to vomiting, systemic effects of Clevor included: retching, salivation, hunched posture, tremors, labored breathing, lethargy, ventral and lateral recumbency, transient tachycardia, transient decrease in indirect systolic blood pressure (but not less than 125 mmHg), and a dose dependent decrease in body temperature (although all temperatures remained within normal limits). Local ocular effects of Clevor included ocular discharge, hyperemia, conjunctival erythema, blepharospasm, ptosis, third eyelid elevation, and positive corneal fluorescein staining.

All Clevor-related observations resolved within 6 hours post dosing. For more information, download the full prescribing information. To report suspected adverse events, call 1-800-835-9496.