We can’t control what a dog finds appetizing.

When a pup scarfs down a candy bar, or something else they’re not supposed to eat, quickly and easily induce emesis with Clevor.

Clevor is ready to work when you — and your patients — need it.

It’s ready for immediate dosing. No complicated dose calculations or additional disposables, such as syringes or needles, required.

96% of users said the administration was easy or very easy in a study conducted with 100 dogs in the Clevor group.1


Clevor is available in a convenient, ready-to-use dropper that provides one treatment for a dog weighing 4 pounds to 220.5 pounds.

Each box of Clevor contains five, single-use droppers packed in individual aluminum foil pouches.

Accurate dosing that’s easy to administer.

Clevor should be administered by veterinary personnel.
For complete dosage and administration instructions, download the prescribing information.

Opening the container

Wear gloves and protective eye wear when handling or administering this product to prevent accidental exposure.

Open the dropper by twisting off the tail.2


Keep the dog’s head steady in a slightly upright position.

Hold the dropper in an upright position without touching the eye.

Rest your finger on the forehead of your dog to maintain the distance between the dropper and the eye.

Squeeze the prescribed number of drops in to the eye(s).2

Storing the unused container

CLEVOR is a single use dropper and is light sensitive.

After administration, with gloves on, return the dropper to the aluminum pouch and place in the carton.2

Second dose

If the dog does not vomit, a second dose can be given 20 minutes after administration of the first dose.

This second dose is the same number of drops as the first dose.

Thirty minutes after opening, with gloves on, dispose of dropper, aluminum pouch, and carton.2

Refer to Animal Safety Warnings section of the full prescribing information for treatment of protracted vomiting.

CLEVOR® is indicated for the induction of vomiting in dogs.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Do not use in dogs with central nervous system depression or seizures. Do not use in cases of ingestion of sharp foreign objects, corrosive agents (acids or alkalis), volatile substances or organic solvents. CLEVOR® should not be administered in cases with corneal ulceration, ocular irritation, or ocular injury. Do not use when there is a known sensitivity to ropinirole or the inactive ingredients. ADVERSE REACTIONS MAY INCLUDE: Transient mild or moderate hyperemia of the eye, ocular discharge, protrusion of the 3rd eyelid and blepharospasm, transient mild lethargy and increased heart rate. Not recommended for use in breeding, pregnant or lactating dogs. CLEVOR® has not been evaluated in dogs with heart or liver impairments or dogs younger than 4.5 months or less than 4 pounds. Dopamine antagonists, neuroleptics and other medicines with antiemetic properties may reduce the effectiveness of ropinirole. CLEVOR® should be administered by a veterinary professional. Gloves and protective eyewear should be worn when administering. Not for use in humans. Keep out of reach of children. For full prescribing information, visit www.vetoquinolusa.com/clevor-info.


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